July 4th Dessert Crafts for Kids

Ok so school is almost out and I’m desperately searching for things to keep the kids busy.  If they aren’t on the beach or playground they are at home making slime or wanting to bake and that can get hard on a mom that works from home and can’t be supervising every second.

With the coming of the 4th of July Holiday, I’ve come up with a few dessert crafts that they can basically prepare themselves without too much supervision.  Hopefully they will get out their yearning to create and “no-bake” at the same time.


Who doesn’t love Jello?! It’s refreshing and you can make it in any color to match any holiday or theme!  What could be better?   There are fun jello molds or you can just make it in your child’s favorite cup.  It’s a whatever works dish, my favorite.

We did red and blue jello and of course white whipped cream or my fave, Cool Whip!

No-Bake Ice Cream Cake

My kids love to poor, stir, decorate and then of course eat.  This cake provides all of that.

All you need is a graham cracker or our favorite oreo pie shell, some ice cream and of course the fixins for the top.  I chose blueberries and strawberries because they love both and of course healthier then candy or sprinkles so a win for all of us!


Marshmallow Ballerina Sticks

These are my new fave!  I love making things with marshmallows, but I don’t have the time to melt chocolate to make the sprinkles stick.  So why not use Fluff?  Helloooo!

Put your marshmallow on a stick dip it in Fluff then in your Red, White and Blue sprinkles and Voila.  We added a small cupcake wrapper on the bottom to make little ballerinas and the kids were entertained for an hour.  The cutest, yummiest dessert!

So get your little ones involved or let them do it on their own.  It’s easy, fun and helps them create desserts without actually baking.

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