Simple Ways to Save Money on Beauty

Since I’ve had my kids, I’ve slowly neglected myself more and more each year.  I used to work for a huge makeup company and got tons of makeup for free.  I never had to worry about which foundation to buy or which mascara or eyeliner. I had my favorite brands and always got them for less than half price if I had to pay for them at all.  It was a girl’s dream.

Well guess what folks, Mama works from home now and there ain’t no freebies around here.  Now I’m doing all I can to save money, and makeup and beauty are going to have to take the hit.

So what’s a Mom to do?  I refuse to go makeup free, I have large pores and lots of spots I don’t care to mention.  But that makeup I once wore just isn’t in my budget anymore.  Neither is getting my hair highlighted every 6 weeks or shopping every week for a new shirt for Friday night out.

But this is all good, because I’d much rather my kids have their favorite snacks for Friday movie night, or cute little outfits for a Saturday BBQ at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house.

As life changes, we make adjustments according to our needs and focus on what is more important.  Somehow makeup and hair appointments aren’t at the top of this list.

So these are some of the things I do to make me feel like I’m looking my best without spending top dollar.  I purchase most of my makeup at Target since they have great prices if you need it right away, otherwise Amazon is great for ordering online.

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 E.L.F. Makeup

I love this line of makeup.  Not only is it cheap, it’s really good stuff.  Their cream eyeliner is my favorite.  It goes on smooth and lasts all day.  It even comes with an applicator brush.  The best part is, it’s only $3.00.  This is the one I use.


Elf makes a great primer and nice lipsticks and mascara as well.  I’m dying to try the nail polishes, because the cheaper ones I use just don’t seem to cut it. But  I can’t justify spending $8 on nail polish on other brands I have seen.

I haven’t tried the foundation yet, I have yet to steer from what I’m using now, but maybe in the future I will give it a try.

Loreal BB Cream

This BB Cream is the best.  It goes on like a lotion and the beads turn into a color that matches your skin.  It acts as a hydrater, primer and foundation.  I love it!  This is the one I use.

I have very oily skin so this is very light, yet covers all of my sunspots and fills in my pores.  My skin doesn’t stay matte all day with it, but it lasts a lot longer than most foundations.  I once bought a $26 foundation and never used it because I started shining 20 minutes later.  This BB Cream holds up a lot better and at $7.99, it is less than half the price.  I use the “Fair”, because the”Light” is a lot darker than you would think and it makes my skin look very orange.

Crown Highlights

I have been getting highlights for 20 years and the thought of going back to my natural color scared me to death.  I’ve always felt that with my freckled, light skin my hair should be much lighter than it is naturally which is a chestnut brown.

When I had my daughter I left my job  and starting working part time on the weekends and getting my hair done was just too expensive.  So I turned to the box of semi permanent color.

Don’t get me wrong it was amazingly easy and so much cheaper than a trip to the salon.  I kept it up about 6-8 months, but I just couldn’t get used to myself with dark hair so I took the plunge again.

I decided I would start with crown highlights only.  They give me a little boost in color and I don’t look like I have a helmet on my head.  This ends up being half the price of partial highlights, so my wallet isn’t too upset with me and I don’t have to hide the bill from my husband.

Teeth Whitening

A white smile is very important to me.  I’ve always used whitening strips and honestly they scare me sometimes.  I have very sensitive teeth and sometimes it just hurts.

I’ve seen so many posts on the use of baking soda and peroxide, so I thought I would give it a try.  I used 1 teaspoon of each along with a dab of my usual toothpaste for taste.  This is an easy way to save money since you most likely already have those products in your home.

It actually works!  My teeth looked so much whiter and felt cleaner.  The peroxide did foam a little around my gums like it would on a cut, so take that into consideration and don’t get freaked!

I always try to teach my daughter that beauty comes from the inside.  I truly do believe this and I never talk bad about myself in front of her.  But sometimes we just need to feel  good when we look in the mirror even though we were up all night working or tending to our families.  Most of us mom’s are juggling so much  and the last thing we should do is neglect ourselves.


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