My Favorite Aldi Products


So I have to share with you my new favorite place to shop!  I’m always looking for great deals and probably waste gas driving to multiple stores for the best price on food and household essentials.  This can get quite exhausting to say the least.  My favorite stores for great deals are Costco, Target and now my new favorite is Aldi.

I have passed this store for 2 years now and I have to admit the first time I went in I didn’t even buy anything because I was afraid of all these brands I had never heard of.  So what did I do?  I came home and googled what people had to say about it.  I slowly tried recommended items and the more I bought, the more I was hooked.  The prices are the lowest on food I have seen anywhere, it’s absolutely amazing.  The quality is just as good as any other brand in my opinion.

Dried Goods

My favorites are the cereals.  The top of my refrigerator sometimes has about 10 cereals on it that are ¾ full, because my kids don’t like them anymore.  Cereal can be $4.00 a box and it adds up.  Now my children can try cereals without tons of guilt on my end.

Savoritz if my new favorite snack brand which is distributed by Aldi.  The Penguins, comparable to Goldfish are out of this world, we love them.  The wheat crackers are great, as well as the breadsticks and cheese or the peanut butter crackers.

I make a ton of recipes with Oats, but they can be pretty pricey at your local supermarket.  At Aldi I get a 42 ounce container for under $2.50, now that’s a bargain.  You can check out my recipe for banana muffins with oat flour here muffins

Sauces ,Pasta, Dairy

In my house we use one brand of spaghetti sauce, until now.  The Reggano Marinara Sauce is amazing and the kids love it too.  The whole wheat pasta is one of the best I’ve tried.

My husband only likes one brand of yogurt and that is Chobani Greek, well the Aldi Greek Yogurt is just as good and he is a picky man.  For my husband to like all of these products as well as the kids is unbelievable.  Any time I buy a store brand he complains, but he has not complained once unless it’s a diet food, since I’ve been shopping at Aldi.  He does not like the 100 Calorie Yogurt from Aldi I have to admit.

In my house we are always eating cheese which can sometimes be expensive.  The Happy Farms cheese blocks are under $2 a block and taste great and I am a cheese snob.  We also get the singles for sandwiches which are great too.


The produce is my favorite part of Aldi.  I get strawberries for $1.29 in my area and one week blueberries were .99 cents.  Bananas are usually .44 cents a lb and I get a 3 lb. bag of sweet potatoes for $1.99 as well as a bag of 5 zucchini and squash for $1.99. I also got a butternut squash and a spaghetti squash for under $2!  I was amazed. Keep in mind prices will vary depending on the season.

Paper Products, Brand Names

The prices on paper products like tissues just .88 cents and paper plates for $1.79 are great too.

Besides it’s own brand of products, Aldi does sell brand names of certain cereals and sodas like Coca Cola and Capri Sun drinks for the kids.  You can find a lot of other brand name products as well for the price of a good sale at Target or your local grocery store.

Aldi is about 20 mins from my house so its not a place I can run up to when I’m in need of something immediately.  When I do go there I make sure to purchase tons of snacks and cereals since these are the pricier items in the grocery store and will last in the cabinet if you don’t let the kids eat them all in one day, which has happened.

Take a chance and slowly find your favorite products so you don’t waste money in the end.  But take it from me you won’t be sorry!

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