American Girl Doll Hacks That Won’t Break Your Budget This Holiday Season

So here we are in November already, Halloween has come and gone and Thanksgiving is literally around the corner, but what is on my brain…Christmas. I love Christmas so much.  I love the decorations, the music, the parties, you name it.  Then there is the dreaded word….GIFTS!!  It used to be so easy when my daughter was little, we would buy a few gifts that didn’t cost too much and she would love anything as long as it was pink.  Oh how times have changed.

These days she is putting in a list way over my financial comprehension and thinks Santa will provide whatever is on that list, because he “makes” all the toys.  Her theme this year is American Girl Doll and everything related.  However, she is open to any type of accessory for any 18 inch doll, which helps a little.  I have found a few ins and outs to this otherwise expensive hobby of hers.










Let’s just say I’m kind of a Costco junkie.  I love it so much and visit every other week.  Last Christmas before my daughter was even interested in American Girl Dolls, I found one and bought it.  What a great deal $110 for Samantha a Be Forever Doll, which also came with a coat and hat and a fancy dress.  This year and I am waiting patiently for them to arrive.  So far they are carrying these accessory Salon & Spa Sets and Sleep Over Sets which are totally adorable for $39.99.  They are also carrying Wellie Wishers with accessories for $75.00.

Update: Costco is now carrying American Girl Doll Kit and her accessories.

American Girl products are pretty pricey, but you can score some great deals in the Sale section of the website.  You can get discounted outfits for under $15, pets for under $10 and other accessories for a great price.  You have to move fast though; I lost out on a few great items by waiting a few days.










Yes you heard me right Michaels Crafts!  Okay so they don’t sell American Girl Doll items, but you can get some really cute doll outfits for under $10 and shoes for under $5!  Don’t forget you 40%-50% off each week for any 1 item and you are paying under $10 for an outfit and shoes.  I make separate transactions for each item and the cashiers don’t have a problem with that.   I have tested these on the AGD and they fit perfectly.  I got this cute Ballerina outfit, which I know my daughter will love.

Festivals and Craft Fairs

We spent a lot of time upstate NY this summer and fairs were the thing to do.  Well fall is a great time too, and there are tons of vendors that make their own doll clothes.  There is a huge market for this and there has been a doll vendor at every fair I have gone to.  Just make sure to scout them all out.  We spent all of our allotted money on one vendor and then saw another one with triple the amount of items including Halloween costumes.


So since my daughter doesn’t really care if a camping set is American Girl Doll or not, I have to say I love and so does she, the accessories for the Our Generation Doll at Target.  They have the cutest little accessory kits which won’t break the bank especially when on sale and the bigger sets aren’t too bad either.  These definitely work for all 18 inch dolls and are much cheaper.

So if your daughter comes to you with those puppy dog eyes and says the dreaded 3 words American Girl Doll, don’t be afraid, with some wheeling and dealing you can get some pretty cute things that won’t hurt your Christmas budget.

Happy Shopping!

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