The Ultimate Gift Guide for 6 Year Old Girls

The holidays are a very big thing in our house.  I start shopping in September.  While my daughter is planning her Halloween costume, I am planning my Christmas shopping list.  This year is very easy since I know what she wants, but super expensive from the looks of her list. She doesn’t want everything she sees on TV anymore, but she wants the toys she sees on YouTube which is even worse.  She doesn’t understand why these kids have every doll or toy known to man and she doesn’t.  So with some heavy bargain research, I have compiled a list of favorites from the mind of a 6 year old girl and the bank account of a budgeter.

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My daughter is so into makeup right now; however, I don’t let her wear it.  I let her play with lip gloss and maybe some shimmer or blush, but that’s about it.  She loves to do hair and nails as well, so this vanity is just perfect.  Its the perfect size for her and its very sturdy.  She is on the small side, so check out the dimensions as far as height goes.

We play Spa at least once or twice a week.  A makeover wouldn’t be complete without a foot spa.  We haven’t tried this one yet, but judging from the reviews it looked like a great purchase, so I bought it.  This will be under our tree this Christmas.

Baking and cooking is another favorite of my daughter’s.  This Junior Chef Kitchen Accessory Kit is by far the most fun.  It contains 35 pieces and even comes with a recipe book.  It is child safe and great for teaching your kids how to use the proper utensils.

It always amazes me how growing up I was not a fan of school; however, I always wanted to play school.  Well my daughter is no different, she can play it all day long.  Her friend had this awesome Learning Resources Pretend and Play School Set and she left her house begging me for it.  So what did I do, texted my sister in law immediately and she was on it.  It comes with 149 pieces of just plain school stuff!!

Disney Descendants are so popular right now.  3 girls in my daughter’s class alone dressed up as Mal the daughter of Maleficent for Halloween.  She has all of the Descendants 1 dolls and now Descendants 2 dolls are on her list.

Speaking of dolls, the hit this Christmas is going to be an American Girl Doll.  She has one and wants all of the others, but obviously that isn’t happening.  Grandma will be coming to the rescue with Mary Ellen, number 1 on her list and the accessories on her list will be coming from Santa.  She doesn’t care about the brand of accessories, so we opt for the Our Generation brand.

My last and final item is a necessity.  Slime kits!  Making slime is going viral on YouTube right now.  My daughter makes it at least 3 times a week.  This kit has all the ingredients you need.  I think we spend more going to the dollar store every week to make it from scratch.  That is if you can find the ingredients.  Everyone is on the Slime bandwagon and Elmer’s glue is the main ingredient.  This kit got great reviews.

Update: I received this kit and it was only the glue portion of the slime making process.  Hence “starter pack”!  I was really bummed, but if you get the baking soda and contact solution, it really makes awesome slime.  My daughter absolutely loves it!

I hope this list helps.  I’m so excited for Christmas, because I know my daughter will be getting everything she wants and will use.  Best of all, they are all in my budget.

Enjoy your Holidays and Happy Shopping!

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