The Stretchiest, Pokiest Slime Recipe Without Using Borax

Have you been hesitant to try making slime with your kids?  When you think of slime do you think of the gooey green stuff on Nickelodeon that they used to dump on the kids.  That’s what I used to think whenever my daughter asked to make it and I was like no way no how.  She finally convinced me after watching videos and hearing about it non stop.

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Slime is all the rage right now.  Anyone who has a YouTube Channel has made slime at least once.

Its fun, its therapeutic due to its sensory stimulation ability, and it has helped my daughter with her anxiety tremendously.  Now I’m not saying making slime cures anxiety, but it takes her mind off of what she is worrying about and it gets her creative juices flowing.  She uses different colors and makes up names for all the different types she makes.  She even wants to open a slime shop.  It makes me happy to see her focusing on something that she loves doing.

Now making slime could get expensive if you make it as much as we do.  The dollar store is always out of bottles of glue and shaving cream and finding a gallon of glue in Target isn’t happening.

The best place to start is amazon.  Get yourself a big bottle of Elmer’s Glue before you are buying 5 bottles here and 5 bottles there.  Believe me you will use it.
The next essential ingredient is contact solution.  You can pick up a pretty good size at Target or Walmart for about $3.  If you prefer Amazon this one will work perfectly:

You will also be needing baking soda and water and paint color of choice, so get out your measuring spoons, and let’s get started.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Medium sized bowl
  • 4 oz of glue or 1/2 cup
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tbls water
  • 1-2 tsps contact solution
  • Paint for color is optional, but necessary for fun

Mix your glue and paint first.  We use craft paint, but you can use finger paints or food coloring, but food coloring tends to stick to the fingers and is tough to get off.  Stir until you’ve achieved your desired color.

Next add in your baking soda and water and stir until you get a sticky consistency.  Now for the magic….add your contact solution 1 tsp at a time.  The mixture will start to bind. If its too sticky add a little more solution, but not all of it.  Once it is not sticking to the bowl as much, you can take it out with your hands and knead.  If still too sticky add the rest of your solution and knead until its stretchy.

You can poke it, stretch, shape it.  You name it!  My daughter loves to make several colors and lay them all out next to each other so they are touching and then starts stretching and it makes a lovely rainbow if colors or as she likes to call it Unicorn slime or better known as “Unicorn Poop”.


What silly names do you have for your slime?

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