This is Me



Glad you made it here!

I’m Kristin Hughes a 42 year old mother of an energetic 2 year old boy, Owen and a free spirited 6 year old girl, Reagan.  This is my quest to make life as simple as possible being an “older” mom and working from home with 2 little ones.

My husband and I  started our family later than most.  With that comes pure joy, but also some challenges.  It means a lot of moms at the library are a lot younger than you.  It also means a lot of your friends have kids that are older, which makes getting together a little bit harder.  But my main concern is my health.  I want to be the healthiest I can be and make sure I am taking care of myself now that I am older and have 2 little ones that depend on me. This is something I think about daily and I’m sure I am not alone.

Since my teen years I have struggled with PCOS, a hormonal imbalance which can lead to infertility, and I’ve recently been diagnosed as Pre Diabetic so I’m trying to change my diet as well as my family’s, by making healthier choices.

I’m all about easy recipes that are healthy and cheap.  If I read a recipe with too many ingredients that I don’t have in my cabinets I won’t even consider making it.

I loooove yoga!  If I get a free second you will catch me on the floor doing some type of pose before my little one runs in thinking I’m making him a bridge to crawl under.

We are on a tight budget, but love to have our home look beautiful, so my husband and I practice a lot of DIY for sure.  He totally gutted our bathroom and built us a totally new one by watching YouTube.  He is my hero, a former Marine and a fabulous Dad.

Sharing our challenges, fixes and loves makes me so happy and I can only dream that many of you will want to share this with me.