This is Me



Glad you made it here!

I’m Kristin Hughes a 45 year old mother of an energetic 4 year old boy, Owen and a free spirited 8 year old girl, Reagan.  This is my quest to make life as simple as possible being an “older” mom and working from home with 2 little ones.

My husband and I started our family later than most.  With that comes pure joy, but also some challenges.  It means a lot of moms at the library are a lot younger than you.  It also means a lot of your friends have kids that are older, which makes getting together a little bit harder.

Since becoming a parent life has changed dramatically.  I’ve become more aware of my emotions and how I react to certain situations.  I spend a lot of time learning to become a more mindful parent, so that my children can become more mindful themselves.  My main goal as a parent is to use a more gentle, positive approach so that my children can become more emotionally intelligent.  It has been quite a challenge to say the least especially with a husband who is a former Marine and believes in strict discipline.

Sharing our challenges, fixes and loves makes me so happy and I can only dream that many of you will want to share this with me.